Kathryn worked for me for 18 months as a working student. During that time, she assisted my assistant trainer and myself in working our young horses and remedial cases. She learned how to correctly lunge a horse achieving proper rhythm, bend, and cadence. Kathryn learned to identify pure, correct gaits and correct biomechanics of the horse. With this knowledge, she can identify stiff versus healthy movement and what part of the body is not working properly.

Kathryn also learned how to repair or change the body to achieve suppleness and balance, working the whole body at all paces, looking for softness throughout the body. Kathryn learned to prepare a horse for riding, instilling confidence and willingness to go forward without resistance. She takes her time with horses, giving them the time and attention they need, always ending the day on a positive note. Kathryn is friendly, approachable, and gives clear instructions.

~ Manolo Mendez

Manolo Mendez Dressage


We raise Lipizzans and Lipizzan-Friesian crosses. Some trainers and owners may not see the exact cause of a slightly less smooth ride or the unwillingness to turn fluidly in a given direction. Kathryn talks for the horse. She is gifted in spotting the cause of the unevenness. At Rancho Arroyo, she has corrected unevenness in a number of horses, both our horses and horses of our boarders. She is always clear if she can improve the movement of the horse or if veterinary intervention is needed.

Kathryn corrects movement through stretching the contracted muscle and through gently pushing the horse to move correctly. In many cases, she will lunge the horse gently to get a muscle to stretch. I have watched her do this repeatedly. She has explained the intricacies of lunging with correct form, as opposed to just pushing the horse in circles. Kathryn uses correct lunging as an instrument of physical therapy. She then follows it up with riding using the same principles of correct form, taking care to keep the horse supple and happy.

I cannot recommend Kathryn Barrett more highly if you have a horse that has movement problems, no matter how slight.

~ Anne Arroyo

Rancho Arroyo, Pleasant Grove, CA


I am a breeder of baroque performance horses. Kathryn has been working with our PRE stallion, Elegante, and I applaud her passion in assisting him towards his maximum performance of movement through body-building of “in-hand” techniques. Her knowledge of the equine structure and movement is a huge benefit to horse and handler/rider, and understanding each individual’s spirit towards confidence is of paramount importance in reaching success on several levels!

~ Roxy Montana

Rancho Antigua, Hollister, CA