Someone asked how I judge a good teacher. After pondering it for a bit, my answer was that I judge a teacher by the integrity of the teacher’s work.  I am only interested in working with those that have integrity in their work. Integrity is hard to define, but I know it when I see it.  It’s a gut feeling.  When it is right, you just know it. I had watched Katie from a distance for a few years, and I knew that her work had integrity. When I met her in person, I was not disappointed.  I had the pleasure of working with Katie and Picasso for some in-hand work.  Both are kind, intelligent souls that are very interested in sharing their knowledge and skills with others.  I gained a lot from the lesson and was able to come home and apply it directly to my own horses. After just one in-hand session, I found my horses were going much more straight and much more happily than before.  Thank you to both Katie and Picasso for working with me to improve my horsemanship skills.

-Stephanie Roundy