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Looking to “just train your horse in 30 days?” I’m not the trainer for you. When a horse comes to me, they don’t just get an education. I will also evaluate their body, musculature, feet, and overall physical health. I will make recommendations of food supplements that will help your horse achieve optimum health. I incorporate basic body work techniques that I learned from my mentor and trainer, Manolo Mendez. I also have taken an introductory course offered by equine body worker Tom Mayes and have observed Dr. Kerry Ridgway and his unique acupuncture techniques. I integrate this knowledge into every service I provide. And I continue to deepen my knowledge of equine biomechanics and sports medicine so that I am better equipped to help the horses that come to me.




My services: IMG_0259

  • Starting horses: Young horses need a strong foundation. From groundwork and basic handling, to lunging (with a cavesson), I will teach your horse to walk, trot, and canter in a balanced posture. Once they have a strong foundation, saddle training and riding come next.
  • Problem-solving: 99% of trained problem horses have a fundamental basics issue. Most problems stem from a hole in a horse’s training where something wasn’t cemented properly. I attempt to bring the horse back to whatever the missed step was and fill that gap. Sometimes, a horse’s unwillingness to do something stems from a physical problem (a bit that’s pinching or a stomach ulcer). I work with every horse on a case-by-case basis to solve the problem.
  • Lessons: Whether you’re starting your own horse, want to improve your riding, or want to learn something new, I provide lessons at your location or mine.
  • In-Hand Lessons: I spent 18 months as a working student for Manolo Mendez, studying his in-hand method and training techniques. I have mastered the introductory work demonstrated in Manolo’s “In-Hand Lessons: An Introduction to Work in Hand” DVD (available for purchase here). I am offering my personal horse, Picasso, as an in-hand school master lesson horse for anyone wishing to learn this work. Read more!


In-hand lessons available in Hollister and at various locations around California. Interested in in-hand lessons? Let’s talk!

Boarding at the Woodland Stallion Station in Woodland, California. When I’m starting horses and problem solving, horses are generally boarded at my facility during their training. I am very involved with your horse during this time, checking him many times per day.

To discuss your horse’s needs, and pricing, let’s talk.